Adult Enrichment Programs

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Location Abbreviations

  • BRRC - Burns Road Recreation Center
    4404 Burns Road
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • Lakeside - Lakeside Center
    10410 North Military Trail
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • R/NR Fee - Resident/Non-resident Fee
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Karate for Adults

This is a 90-minute class designed to help students develop strong fundamental karate techniques. Self defense and effective karate technique are the main focus of the class with attention given to balance, speed and target awareness.
  • Age: 16+
  • Location: BRRC
  • Instructor: Florida Shotokan Traditional Karate Association
M/W  Oct 22-Dec 19  6:30-8pm  $135/$169  331902-2 

Learn to Let Go of Clutter Class

Are you tired of beating yourself up because you just can’t seem to get rid of your “piles?” Are you worn-out from listening to the people you live or work with complain about all of your “stuff?” Are you drained with the endless search for things that are somewhere in your home or office? Are you open to the idea of being ready to “LET GO” and allow order to come into your life? If so, quit procrastinating and take action and register for this class to help you:
~ Discern what you actually need & what you can get rid of
~ Develop a system to keep the clutter from coming back
~ Understand procrastination & solutions to overcome it
~ Learn organizing techniques for all areas of your home and those pesky paper piles
This class will also help anyone who is planning on downsizing, moving, launching teens on their college adventures, or cleaning out their parents' property after they've moved into assisted living. 
  • Age: 18+
  • Instructor: Kathy Andio, Professional Organizer and Clutter Coach, and owner of Let Clutter Go, an organizing and decluttering company
  • Location: BRRC
Thu  Oct 11-Nov 15  10:30am-Noon  $119/$149 331908-1A 

Get Organized Accountability Group

Getting organized, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, and just knowing where to start is hard to do on your own! Join this safe, judgement-free group and get motivated and inspired to learn the best action steps to let clutter go. Learn organizing techniques proven to create positive changes in time-management and procrastination to help stop the negative self-talk. Join a community of people who understand the difficulty in "letting go" of coveted possessions. The group will provide accountability to help you achieve your goal of freeing yourself of "stuff" that's holding you back from living a clutter-free, simplified and joyful life!
  • Age: 18+
  • Instructor: Kathy Andio, Professional Organizer and Clutter Coach, and owner of Let Clutter Go, an organizing and decluttering company
  • Location: BRRC
Thu  Oct 11-Nov 15  1-2:30pm  $119/$149  331908-1B 

AARP Driver Safety

The AARP program provides drivers 55 and over with a basic review of driving rules, covers new laws and teaches great driving tips. To register for the AARP Driving Class, call 561-630-1100: a check made payable to AARP must be brought to the instructor on the first day of the class. Bring your valid AARP card to receive a discount. Florida residents can expect a rebate on their insurance.
  • Age: 55+
  • Instructor: AARP
  • Location: BRRC    
Wed  Nov 7 9am-3pm  $15/$20  None   
Wed  Jan 2  9am-3pm  $15/$20  None   
Wed  Feb 6  9am-3pm  $15/$20  None   
Wed  Mar 6  9am-3pm  $15/$20  None   
Wed  Apr 3  9am-3pm  $15/$20  None   

Canceled Classes

Many classes are canceled due to low enrollment. If you are interested in taking a class that has been canceled, please email the Recreation Division or call 561-630-1100 and put your name on a list to let us know that you are interested in that class. Once we have enough people to hold the class, we will try to restart that class.