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To volunteer supplies and services contact:

Eileen Stephenson

Construction Photos

Memorial Day Groundbreaking event 05.31.10

Memorial Plaza Dedication 09.11.10

Rendering of the approved memorial

Site plan for the plaza

Plaques for the memorial

Location of where piece came from in south tower


To donate funds, send checks to:

City of Palm Beach Gardens
c/o 9-11 Memorial Project
4425 Burns Road, PBG  33410

Click here to see the updated donations list


On Saturday, September 11, 2010, the Memorial Plaza Dedication took place at Fire Station #3 off Northlake Boulevard. Please click here to see the piece installed on September 7, 2010.

Copyright © Ross Gilmore

Copyright © Ross Gilmore



Project Approvals

On April 15, 2010, the City Council approved the art in public places petition for the 09.11.01 Memorial Plaza Project.

See the artistic renderings that were approved by City Council under "Links" above.


The Fire Rescue Department was made aware that steel fragments of the World Trade Center's buildings were being made available as 9/11 memorial art pieces in local municipalities.  The steel withstood the most horrific attack on American soil that took the lives of 2, 973 innocent people.     

The artifacts are free of charge as long as they are not used in for-profit endeavors.  Costs associated with shipping and creation of the memorial art piece is the responsibility of the City.  The art created must be in a memorial open to the general public.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to obtain a piece of World Trade Center steel. 

The City's goal is to create a 9/11 Memorial with the steel segment as the centerpiece of the plaza in front of Fire Station #3 at 5161 Northlake Blvd .  This area will include benches for seating and provide a location for residents and visitors of Palm Beach Gardens to remember not only those who died, but also the many people who performed heroic acts during the events that unfolded on 9/11 and the subsequent days and weeks that followed.  

Local artist, Mark Fuller, has offered to donate his considerable talent and labor toward the creation of the City's Memorial.  In addition, other vendors and professionals have stepped forward to offer materials and services for the project - Donation list

Copyright © Ross Gilmore