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Recreation Centers

Burns Road Recreation Center
4404 Burns Road, PBG 33410

Lakeside Center
10410 N. Military Trail, PBG 33410

Mirasol Center
12385 Jog Rd, PBG 33418

Aquatic Complex
4404 Burns Rd, PBG 33410

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October-December 2014

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Fitness & Wellness

The City of Palm Beach Gardens is committed to offering a wide variety of wellness and fitness classes for people of all ages. 

Registration for classes is ongoing.         

BRRC=Burns Road Recreation Center, 4404 Burns Rd.
Lakeside=Lakeside Center, 10410 N Military Tr.

 Online Registration

Hatha Yoga 
This therapeutic yoga improves flexibility and muscle strength. Meditation and relaxation at the end of class improve concentration, reduce stress and will help you feel rejuvenated. 
Age: 16 and up    Instructor: Joyce Lapsker
Code  Day  Date  Time  Location      R/NR Fee
332804-1B     Mon     Sep 22-Nov 3     6:00-7:00pm       Lakeside       $70/$88  
332804-2B     Mon     Nov 10-Dec 22     6:00-7:00pm      Lakeside    $70/$88   
Drop-in R/NR Fee: $12/$15 per class   

Thursday nights are back for Zumba, as well as a new Zumba toning/Sentao class on Saturdays.
Age: 16 and up     Instructor: Paulina Hartman 
Code Class  Day Dates Time Location    R/NR Fee
Drop-in   Zumba  Thu     Ongoing     6:15-7:15pm       BRRC     $5/$6 per class 
Drop-in  Zumba Toning/Sentao     Sat  Ongoing    10:00-11:00am     BRRC  $5/$6 per class
10-Class Pass R/NR Fee: $45/$56    

Stroller Power Gets Pumped
A one-hour, indoor cardio and strength training class for adults, with or without children. Burn fat and calories, build strength and endurance and increase flexibility while making new friends. Bring the little ones!    
Instructor: Cindy Martling
Code  Day  Date  Time  Location       R/NR Fee 
Drop-in           Tue       Ongoing                9:15-10:15am      BRRC     $5/$6 per class 
10-Class Pass R/NR Fee: $45/$56      

Intense Intervals™
Intense Intervals™ is a high intensity interval training program that combines intervals of cardio, muscle conditioning, plyometrics, and a punch of mixed martial arts to give you a sweat drenched - calorie burning - 1 hour workout!
Instructor: Cindy Martling
Code  Day  Date  Time  Location       R/NR Fee 
Drop-in           Thu       Ongoing              9:15-10:15am        BRRC    $5/$6 per class 
10-Class Pass R/NR Fee: $45/$56     

Barre Pilates 
Join this fun, exciting, high energy fitness craze to sculpt, tone and stretch your body. Barre Pilates is based on the principles of Joseph Pilates and is dynamic, safe and effective!
Age: 16 and up     Instructor: Pat Stevenson
Code Day Date Time Location       R/NR Fee
CANCELED      Mon       Sep 8-Oct 27       6:15-7:05pm       BRRC  $80/$100 
332803-2A       Mon       Nov 3-Dec 22      6:15-7:05pm       BRRC         $70/$88  

Intermediate/Advanced Mat Pilates
Classical Pilates the way you like it! Enjoy the Intermediate/Advanced Pilates repertoire: The Boomerang, Snake and Twist, Jack-Knife, Kneeling Side Kick. But don't worry -- exercises can always be modified to take you to the next level!
Age: 16 and up    Instructor: Pat Stevenson
Code  Day  Date  Time  Location     R/NR Fee 
CANCELED  Tue  Sep 9-Oct 28  6:15-7:05pm   BRRC  $80/$100 
CANCELED     Sat      Sep 13-Nov 1         11:20am-12:10pm       BRRC  $80/$100 
332803-2B   Tue  Nov 4-Dec 23  6:15-7:05pm  BRRC  $70/$88 
332803-2C       Sat       Nov 22-Dec 20       11:20am-12:10pm       Lakeside       $40/$50 

Lunchtime Fitness
Making a group effort to become healthier is a great way to keep us all motivated and help us stay on track. Get a little workout in during the day while at work, in an encouraging and non-competitive environment. During this class we will work on strength and toning our muscles, cardio and core to assist with burning those extra or unwanted calories and stretching to become more flexible and feel amazing throughout the day. All fitness levels are welcome. If you have any questions please feel free to email phonaker@pbgfl.com or call 561-630-1100.
Instructor: Pam Honaker 
Code Day Date Time Location      R/NR Fee
CANCELED       T/Th       Ongoing        12:15-12:45pm     BRRC $5/$6
10-Class Pass R/NR Fee: $45/$56

Mat Pilates & Nutrition Education - Nutracize Empowerment Program
No fad diets or over-the-top exercise regimens! Move and learn with your children to create lifelong habits with Pilates Mat exercise and 2010 Dietary Guidelines in a fun, can-do atmosphere. This program is for children 6 years and older and is also offered to their parents/caregivers. Children 6-9 must be accompanied by an adult. Children 10 and up may attend without an adult. Let’s work together to meet the goals of the Healthiest Weight Florida initiative! Please bring a Pilates Mat. No class Nov 8, 13, 15, 27, 29. 
Age: 6+    
Code  Age     Day  Date  Time  R/NR Fee    
CANCELED    10+      Thu        Oct 2-Dec 18          6:00-7:15pm          $120/$150
CANCELED      6-15 w/adult      Thu      Oct 2-Dec 18    6:00-7:15pm      $220/$275 
CANCELED  10+  Sat  Oct 4-25  10:00-11:15am  $108/$135 
CANCELED       6-15 w/adult   Sat  Oct 4-25                 10:00-11:15am   $198/$248 
Location: Lakeside    Instructor: Pat Stevenson

Visit our aquatic page for all of our aquatic fitness classes

CANCELED CLASSES: Many classes are canceled due to low enrollment. If you are interested in taking a class that has been canceled, please email recinfo@pbgfl.com or call 561-630-1100 and put your name on a list to let us know that you are interested in that class. Once we have enough people to hold the class, we will try to restart that class.