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Youth Tennis Programs and Activities

Tennis kids

Classes and Programs    

Registration for classes is ongoing.        


Gardens Tennis Academy
For serious players, this is a purposeful approach to preparing for team and tournament tennis. Pro approval required. Discount passes available. Please call (561) 775-8277. 
Age 10-18
Group  Daily R/NR Fee    Day  Skills 
Small Group:  $33/$41  (Tu/W/Th)     Instruction, live-ball, footwork, fitness 
Larger Group:    $18/$22   (Mon)  Hitting-to-target, fitness 
Larger Group:   $18/$22   (Fri)  Supervised Match Play 

Kids Club Tennis
Kids receive a fun introduction to the “sport of a lifetime” in a large-group setting using the equipment and techniques of USTA’s “ROGY” program. Emphasis is on sportsmanship and enjoyment. Classes are held at the Tennis Center.
Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  Fee 
Drop-in       7-12       Tue       Ongoing       2:45-3:45pm       $10 per class/$35 for 4 consecutive classes  

USTA 10 & Under Tennis  

A revolutionary change in the way kids learn and play tennis, as well as compete. Some 10 & Under Tennis Classes are held at City Park, adjacent to the PBG Tennis Center.

6 & Under
Age: 4-6   
Code Day  Date Time  Location Res/NR Fee  
112101-1A  Tue  Jan 13-Mar 17  3:45-4:30pm  Tennis Center    $135/$169 
112101-1B   Sat*  Jan 17-Mar 21  9:00-9:30am   City Park  


112101-1C        Sat*       Jan 17-Mar 21       9:30-10:00am        City Park             


112101-2A  Tue  Mar 24-May 26  3:45-4:30pm   Tennis Center   $135/$169  
112101-2B  Sat*  Mar 28-May 30  9:00-9:30am   City Park   


112101-2C       Sat*       Mar 28-May 30        9:30-10:00am       City Park            


*Saturday 6-Under classes will be grouped by skill level and students assigned to 9:00 or 9:30am.

8 & Under 
Age: 7-8    
Code  Day  Date  Time  Location  Res/NR Fee 
122102-1A  Tue  Jan 13-Mar 17   4:30-5:30pm   Tennis Center   $180/$225 
122102-1B       Sat        Jan 17-Mar 21  10:00-11:00am       City Park              $180/$225 
122102-2A  Tue   Mar 24-May 26  4:30-5:30pm   Tennis Center   $180/$225  
122102-2B       Sat       Mar 28-May 30         10:00-11:00am      City Park              $180/$225  

10 & Under 
Age: 9-10     
Code   Day    Date   Time   Location   Res/NR Fee 
122103-1A  Wed  Jan 14-Mar 18       4:00-5:00pm  Tennis Center  $180/$225 
122103-1B       Sat        Jan 17-Mar 21  11:00am-Noon   City Park  $180/$225 
122103-2A  Wed  Mar 25-May 27  4:00-5:00pm   Tennis Center      $180/$225  
122103-2B      Sat        Mar 28-May 30         11:00am-Noon       City Park    $180/$225  

16 & Under 
Age: 11-16     
Code   Day    Date   Time   Location   Res/NR Fee 
122104-1A  Wed  Jan 14-Mar 18  5:00-6:00pm   Tennis Center   $180/$225 
122104-1B       Fri        Jan 16-Mar 20       5:30-6:30pm  Tennis Center   $180/$225 
122104-2A  Wed  Mar 25-May 27   5:00-6:00pm  Tennis Center   $180/$225  
122104-2B       Fri       Mar 28-May 30         5:30-6:30pm          Tennis Center       $180/$225  

Junior Frenzy
Age: 9-16 
Code  Day  Date  Time  Location  Res/NR Daily Fee 
Drop-in           Sat       Ongoing                  10:00-11:00am       Tennis Center      $12/$15 




Youth Recreational Tournaments 
For players starting in tournament tennis up to "beginning to be ranked".
Age: 8-17
Code    Class  Day   Date    Time  Location  Res/NR Fee 
122101-2       Jr. Rec Singles       Sat        Feb 28      11:00am-5:00pm       Tennis Center 


122101-3  Jr. Rec Singles  Sat     Mar 28  11:00am-5:00pm       Tennis Center 


122101-4  Jr. Rec Singles  Sat     Apr 25  11:00am-5:00pm       Tennis Center 


122101-5       Jr. Rec Singles       Sat          May 23       11:00am-5:00pm       Tennis Center      


USTA Junior Tournaments

Level 6 B/G(14-12) singles, BG10 singles (78' court, green-dot balls), #150044515    Sat-Mon, March 21-23

Level 6 B/G(18-16) singles & doubles, #150100015    Sat-Mon, April 11-13

For updated information and registration go to www.florida.usta.com.

Purchase an annual Junior Pass and receive 10% off all junior programs