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Recreation and Parks Division Contacts

Parks & Public Facilities 



Rick Rich Parks Grounds/Facilities Maintenance 561.804.7045
John Whitehead  Park Projects, Night/Wknd Operations  561.804.7045 
Norman Chabre  Public Grounds, Turf & Irrigation  561.804.7036 
Robin Smith  Streets & Stormwater  561.804.7043 
Randy Patton  City Facilities Maintenance  561.804.7041 
Kevin Ray  City Facilities Maintenance  561.804.7030 
David Reyes   Director of Parks & Public Facilities  561.804.7015 

Recreation Division Staff



Laura Schuppert       Recreation Director 561.630.1115 
Christy Wolnewitz    Operations Manager - Programs, Special Events   561.630.1107
Daniel Prieto Operations Manager - Athletics   561.630.1117  

Aquatics and Maintenance Staff



Brittani Benko    Recreation Supervisor         561.630.1145
Ryan Gaylord     Lead Lifeguard 561.630.1106 
Paul Morales Crew Chief/Pool Mechanic 561.630.1114

Athletics Staff

Tim Ford  Recreation Supervisor 561.630.1123
Lyndsey Marsh Sports Specialist 561.630.1113

Programs & Special Event Staff

Catherine Dye Recreation Supervisor 561.630.1119
Amy Stepper Recreation Supervisor 561.630.1116
Jennifer Nelli Recreation Supervisor 561.630.1146
Gillian Kennedy Wright Recreation Programmer 561.630.1108

Resource Staff

Ann Schilling     Resource Manager 561.630.1104
Katie Bielecky Recreation Supervisor 561.630.1102
Louise Jordan  Recreation Supervisor 561.630.1147
John Gerbes      Customer Service Specialist 561.630.1100

Riverside Youth Enrichment Staff

Christy Murphy  Early Childhood Coordinator 561.630.1118
Alana Harrilal   Customer Service Specialist 561.630.1130

Tennis Center Staff

Wendy Tatum   Operations Coordinator  561.775.8277 
Bill McDermott   Recreation Supervisor   561.775.8277
Andi Mohl  Customer Service Specialist     561.775.8277