CareerSource Application

Would you be interested in serving on CareerSource Palm Beach County, Inc.?

The Multi-Jurisdictional Issues Coordination Forum was established by interlocal agreement in October 1993 and the municipalities of Palm Beach Gardens, Delray Beach, South Bay, and West Palm Beach, in partnership with Palm Beach County, joined together pursuant to the authority under Section 163.01, Florida Statutes, to create the Palm Beach Workforce Development Consortium, an Independent Special District with no taxing or bonding authority to enhance, implement, and operate local workforce development activities in Palm Beach County. The joining together of the five-member governments was documented through the Interlocal Agreement creating the Consortium and subsequent amendments.

In accordance with the duties and responsibilities of the Palm Beach Workforce Development Consortium, each municipality is allotted the nomination of one private sector appointment to the CareerSource Palm Beach County (CareerSource) Board of Directors. The City of Palm Beach Gardens board appointee has resigned from the CareerSource Board, and as a result of that resignation, the City of Palm Beach Gardens must now fill that private business sector vacancy with another individual.

For appointment consideration, the individual must be an owner of a business in the local area, a chief executive or operating officer of a business, including small businesses.

If interested in serving, please complete our application and attach a biography or Résumé.  

If selected, Florida Statutes requires all CareerSource board members file a Financial Disclosure Form annually and complete the Palm Beach County Ethics Training.

Should you have any questions regarding the appointment or application, please contact the City Clerk at 561-799-4122 or via email.