Sustainability and Planet

Sustainability & Planet.
  1. Green Spaces
  2. Energy Conservation
  3. Conservation in Operations
  4. Paper Reduction
  5. Resource Conserving Equipment 
  6. Reducing Environmental Impact
  • Tree City/Landscaping green spaces. 
    • Green spaces and the planting of trees enhance the local ecology and also provide a refuge for wildlife and a more pleasant environment for residents. 
  • Pocket parks for neighborhood children and passive open spaces. 
    • This allows the City to provide increased recreation space for residents and maintain green areas that benefit the environment. 
  • Environmental set-asides for new developments. 
    • Private developers must meet certain environmental standards and mandatory green spaces.
  • City Forester Program. 
    • On-staff forester monitors and enforces City’s landscaping requirements. Determines environmental impact of development and ensures the protection of the City’s green spaces and the health and welfare of plantings and trees. 
  • Median plant replacement. 
    • Promotes green spaces/natural cover and reduces heat islands. 
  • 50% green space/conservation/protected areas encompassing the entire City. 
    • This promotes environmental stewardship and reduces the amount of built-up areas, minimizing heat islands and other negative impacts of the built environment.