Be Coyote SMART

Be Coyote SMART.

The City has received reports from residents about coyote sightings around Palm Beach Gardens. Coyotes are a natural part of Florida’s ecosystem and can be found citywide where they assist in managing rodent and small animal populations. Typically, coyotes are nocturnal, but it is not uncommon to see them in the early mornings. They may prey on small, unattended pets, but are generally scared of people. 

Do your part to Be Coyote SMART! Do not intentionally or unintentionally feed coyotes. Please feed your pets inside and secure your garbage receptacle. Do not allow cats and small dogs out at night unless you accompany them. Obey leash laws to prevent dogs from confronting coyotes. Merely seeing a coyote is not a reason for alarm, as they are native wildlife and live among us.


Additional resources and information on coyotes is available through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

undefined Opens in new windowSafe to observe from a distance.

undefined Opens in new windowMake noise if they are too close.

undefined Opens in new windowAccompany pets outside.

Remove bird feeders; these attract small birds and mammals, a coyote’s natural food.

undefined Opens in new windowTake in the trash, pet foods and other possible attractants.