GreenMarket Vendors

The Gardens GreenMarket strives to balance product type while staying true to the mission of a Farmer’s Market. Effective this season, vendor classification will be assigned when applicants are approved by market management. The classifications and definitions of products to be sold are listed below, in priority. Click on a classification for a listing of our vendors.

The Gardens GreenMarket.

The Gardens GreenMarket Summer Season Vendor Map


May - September 2022 Vendor List

Produce Buddies Assorted Produce 1-4
Dog Days Homemade Barkery Dog Treats 5 (alternating weeks)
Biscotti Firenze/International Honey Assorted biscotti, honey 5 (alternating weeks)
The Kookie Box Gourmet cookies 6
Rosa Ice Cream Fruit popsicles 7
The Juice Bar Freshly made juice 8
We Be Poppin Popcorn variety, fresh lemonade 9
Helen's Fire Sauce Assorted hot sauces 10
Sunshine Crunch   11 (first Sunday of the month)
Island Resort Wear   11 (last three Sundays of each month)
The Purple Shrimp   12
Bread by Johnny   13
Leilani's Catering   14
Jerry's Here Farm Fresh Assorted produce 15-19
The Shark Tooth Chick Handmade Shark Tooth Jewelry 21
Karate Kitchen   22
A Kitchen DB Empanadas 23
Heavenly Orchids Assorted orchids 45-46
Doctor Pickle Assorted pickles 47
Cider Doughnuts Apple Cider Mini Doughnuts 48
Pure Produce   49
Bonsai Brothers Bonsai trees 50
The Cheese Shoppe Artisanal Cheeses 51
Party Flowers Assorted flowers 52
Seaside Smoothies Freshly made fruit smoothies 53
Joy of Garlic Assorted pasta sauces 54
Pasta Amore Fresh pasta 55
Iguana Oil   56 (alternating weeks)
Wonder Teas & Botannicals   56 (alternating weeks)
Biofarm Grassfed Provisions Eggs, poultry, honey 57-58
Sweet Blendz Freshly made acai bowls 59
Gratitude Garden Assorted mushrooms 60
Sweet Marie Waffles Freshly made stuffed waffles 61
Dani's Healthy Organic Fun Food Assorted hummus  62
Nature's Villa Handmade soaps, coffee 63-64
Azme's Taco's Freshly made breakfast & lunch tacos 65-66
Olive Oil of the World   68
Joe's Herbs & Ornamentals   69-71
Independent Seafood   89
Vicis Designs Handmade resin work 90 (alternating weeks)
Le Petit Pain French Bakery Assorted pastries 92-93
Florida Carnivorous Gardens   94-95
Crab Island Seafood Co.   96
Nova Tea Company   97
La Gringuita Cookies Freshly made stuffed cookies 98 (alternating weeks)
Bimini Beads   98 (alternating weeks)
MO Wood Designs Handmade cutting boards 99
Boca en Boca Paella 100
MarGus Designs Silversmith Jewelry 101
Palm Beach Post   103
Door 2 Door Microgreens   104-105
Four Oaks Ranch   106 (alternating weeks)
PURO Superfoods   107 (1st Sunday of each month)
Beach Snow   108 (alternating weeks)
Falinda's Organics Assorted organic produce 109-110
Flobecu Freshly made Florida style BBQ 111 (1st Sunday of each month)
Devil's Breath Hot Sauce Assorted hot sauces 111 (last three Sundays of each month)
Treasure Coast Rum Cakes   112
Mama Lee's Elderberries   113
Heavenly Soap Handcrafted soaps 114
Akamai Accents Assorted orchids 115
Bare Roots Organics   116
Tropical Oils & Incense   117
Firenze International Olive Oil   118
The Lovin' Bowl Gourmet dog meals 119
Siam Boutique   120
Two Cousins   121
Circle Bar C. Goat Dairy   122
Brown Family Farm Assorted Produce, Kombucha 123-125
Cedar Wood Chop   126
Liquid Gold Honey Local honey 127
Gardens Medical Center Free Blood Pressure Screenings 128
Hadaya Spice Assorted spices 129
Talizmani Handcrafted jewelry 130