Group Instructor License

Group Fitness Instructor License Guidelines

Group Fitness instruction at City facilities is only allowed when the instructor has completed each step outlined below and been issued a receipt that includes their name and expiration date.  Group Fitness Instructors...

  • may not use athletic fields or indoor facilities without also getting approval and paying applicable facility permit fees.
  • must also obtain approval (permits issued by City staff via email) for ALL instruction sessions prior to advertising classes.  The first step towards approval is to complete a Group Fitness Session Request Form.  Days, times, and locations of classes are all subject to City approval.  City staff ultimately dictate acceptable class days, times, and locations.  Access to high-demand locations and times will be limited.
  • Although efforts will be made to honor permits, City staff reserve the right to modify or cancel permits for any reason.

Group Fitness Instructors are expected to take proactive measures to leave facilities in the same, or better, condition than they were prior to arriving.  Proactive measures include, but are not limited to: 

  • placing debris in the proper receptacles and ensuring participants do the same.  
  • alerting City staff when facilities are in disrepair.  This can be done by calling 561-420-7227 or emailing
  • changing areas of use.  For instance, high impact ladder drills should not be repeated in the same area over and over.

A photo ID must be kept on site while providing instruction at a City facility to provide to City staff upon request.  Instructors who give instruction without a City-issued license are breaking City Code (Section 46-16) and are subject to fines and trespassing warrants.  Instructors may not use any facility that another group has reserved and obtained a permit for. 



1. Complete the Instructor Application.

2. If the initial application is approved, City staff will reach out to the applicant to setup a meeting.  The applicant should be prepared to discuss their application in further detail.  City staff will review policies and procedures that relate to Group Fitness Instructors.

3. If City staff approve the application and deem the applicant a good fit for City facilities, the applicant must obtain the following forms and email a copy to 

A. Valid Palm Beach County Business Tax License AND

B. City of Palm Beach Gardens Business Tax Receipt.

4. Complete and pass a background screen through TruView BSI.

5.  Add the City of Palm Beach Gardens as additionally insured.  Instructors shall provide a Certificate of Participant and General Liability insurance policy listing the City of Palm Beach Gardens, 10500 North Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 as additionally insured in the amount of $1 million. Any organization or group storing equipment or property inside a city owned building is responsible for providing the City a copy of its contents and equipment policy. Electric or gas-powered golf carts or utility vehicles must be approved and owner must provide a copy of their insurance policy with inland marine coverage. Any organization or group serving food must inform the City and provide a minimum $1 million Product/Completions and General Liability Certificate of Insurance listing the City as additionally insured.

6.  Pay the annual fee and receive receipt of completion.  Photo ID must be present while using City facilities.  Fees are as follows:

  • Individuals: $1,000* annually.
  • Organizations: First instructor $1,250*.  Each additional instructor falling under the organization's insurance and business license must follow the same process and pay the $300 fee.  

* Fee is prorated on a monthly basis for new instructors only, with the year beginning October 1.  For instance, if a new instructor begins May1, there would be 5 months remaining so the fee would be roughly $416 for an individual, or $520 for the first instructor of an organization, for the rest of the year.  


Licensed group fitness instructors must:

  • Complete a Session Request application for each class they wish to host at a City facility.  City staff will ultimately decide when, where, and how often classes may be held, and will issue permits for all classes.  Instruction at a City facility may not occur without a permit!  Further, registration and/or advertisement of classes should not occur until permits are in-hand.
  • Have a photo ID at all times while using City facilities.

Renewals are subject to approval by City staff.  A $150 administrative fee will be assessed to each instructor that does not meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete steps 1-6 above by September 15.  
  2.  Keep an active credit or debit card on file that can be charged on October 1.  

Current instructors that do not complete the steps above are not eligible to teach lessons at City facilities after October 1, and aforementioned penalties will be assessed.  Prorated annual fees are not an option for current or returning instructors.