Top 10 Violations

Most Common Violations

The most common code violations are for poor maintenance of lawns and building exteriors, deteriorating driveways, improper / early garbage and trash placement for collection, and the storage of recreational and commercial vehicles.

Structural repairs, new fences, most plumbing and electrical work, and driveway installation may require a permit from the city. Please call the Construction Services Division at 561-799-4210 for more information. Many special events require a permit. Please visit the city's Planning and Zoning website for an application.

The City of Palm Beach Gardens prohibits the placement of illegal signs in any right-of-way. Illegal signs found in the city's right-of-way are subject to confiscation by any city employee. Any person wishing to use signs for garage sales, special events, or open houses are required to call the Development Compliance Division of Planning and Zoning at 561-799-4243 for information on temporary sign registration and placement.

Note: The properties pictured are not located in the City of Palm Beach Gardens and are for informational purposes only.

Photo of Accumulation of Trash and Debris
Photo of Recreational Vehicle Improperly on Lawn
Picture of Commercial Vehicles and Storage
Photo of Missing Paint on Structure

Accumulation of Trash & Debris

Trash and debris may not be left in yards, unless it is in the proper location for collection by a waste hauler. This includes auto parts, appliances, furniture, building materials, garbage, paper, cardboard, tree trimmings, limbs or other items not suitable for storage in the open.

Boats, Recreational Vehicles, & Trailers

Boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), and trailers in residential areas shall be parked and screened from view on 3 sides, unless registered as non-conforming uses with the city.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are prohibited from being parked or stored on private residential property unless engaged in specific business activities including, but not limited to, deliveries, service, or emergencies.

Condition of Structures

The maintenance of all structures is the responsibility of the owner. Any deteriorating wood, siding, roof covering, fence, walls, etc. shall be maintained in sound condition and good repair.

Photo of an Inoperable Motor Vehicle in Driveway
Photo of Unkept Lawn
Photo of Outdoor Storage at a House
Photo of Enclosed Pool

Inoperable Motor Vehicles

All vehicles in the City of Palm Beach Gardens shall be properly licensed and operable at all times. Vehicles shall have current license plates in compliance with state law and must be mechanically operable, unless exempt.

Landscape Maintenance Standards

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their landscaping in compliance with the city's Landscape Maintenance Standards. This includes regular mowing, edging, pruning, weeding, mulching, fertilizing, watering, pesticide / herbicide treatment and exotic vegetation removal. For detailed information regarding maintenance requirements, please ask for a copy of the city's Landscape Maintenance Standards.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage of merchandise is prohibited in commercial districts unless approved by the city. Outdoor storage in residential areas shall be limited to rear or side yards and shall also be maintained in a clean, neat and presentable manner.

Pool Fences & Enclosures

All swimming pools are required to have a fence at least 4 feet high or a screen enclosure. Enclosures and fences damaged as a result of hurricanes may be temporarily replaced with temporary fencing as long as a contract for permanent replacement can be produced. Permits may be required.

Photo of Trash and Garbage in Driveway
Photo of Vehicle Parking On Grass - Not Allowed

Trash & Garbage Placement & Collection

Trash and garbage shall be placed at the curbside for collection no earlier than noon on the day before collection. All containers shall be removed on the day of collection. Garbage shall be placed in proper containers only. Dumpsters and enclosures shall be maintained in a neat, sanitary, and sound condition.

Vehicle Parking

All properly licensed and registered vehicles shall be parked only on an approved driveway or other surface material approved by the City Engineer.