Public Services


Our mission is to service internal and external customers of Palm Beach Gardens through the construction, operations, and maintenance of the City's infrastructure, parks buildings, sports fields, public buildings and any related assets.


The Public Services Division is a seven day/16-hour day operation that includes 91 full and part time employees. The Division is divided into Facilities, Streets and Stormwater, Parks and Grounds, and Fleet. Public Services is responsible for the construction, management, maintenance and operation of streets, sidewalks, traffic signs, street lights, stormwater systems, canals, streetscape, landscaping, public buildings, trails, playgrounds sports fields, and city parks. The Division is also responsible for the repair and maintenance of the City's fleet and equipment. In addition, the Division also manages Gas Tax funding and handles all Division-related Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).


The Facilities unit maintains approximately 330,000 square feet of public buildings. This unit is also responsible for the maintenance of the PGA Flyover lighting, City generators, City-owned electrical systems, parking lot lighting, and over 100 HVAC systems.

Streets and Stormwater

The Streets and Stormwater unit maintains approximately 60 road miles, 248 miles of swale area, approximately 132 acres of canals, and over 1,800 street signs.

Parks and Grounds

The Parks and Grounds unit maintains and operates 17 public parks with a combined area of approximately 312 acres. This unit is also responsible for the maintenance of parks and playground lighting.

For pavilion, field, and facility rentals please see the Recreation page.


The Fleet unit repairs and maintains the City's fleet of vehicles, public safety vehicles, and equipment.

Landscape and Irrigation Rotation Schedule

This form is used for any individual project that is estimated to cost more than $5,000. The City will assign these projects on an alphabetical rotation basis. Click the below link to access the schedule.


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