Community Programs

Police Officers Displaying Car to ChildrenNeighborhood Crime Watch Program

A Neighborhood Crime Watch is a group of residents in a particular neighborhood, apartment complex, sub-division and or businesses whose goal is to prevent or reduce crime in their neighborhood. This is accomplished by developing a partnership with law enforcement, and becoming the additional "eyes and ears" for the police. Working closely with the Police Department, plans and potential solutions are developed to address the area's crime problems. Neighborhood Crime Watch is also a great way to meet and get to know your neighbors, which enhances everyone's safety in the neighborhood.

Personal / Senior Citizen Safety Talks

Senior Citizen Safety Talks is a public relations program to enhance seniors' safety and awareness against such crimes as frauds, scams, car jacking, personal attack, etc.

Homeowners Association Meetings

Homeowners Association Meetings create interaction between police officers and homeowner associations in order to formulate partnerships that promote public welfare and safety.