Road Patrol


The Patrol Division consists of 1 Major, twelve Sergeants, and 60 Officers who are available to answer your questions or assist you with any matter regardless of the hour. They respond to calls for service, enforce the laws, conduct proactive crime prevention, and serve the citizens of the city.

Services & Programs

The Patrol Division also offers the following services and programs:

  • Automobile security surveys and checklist
  • Bicycle, Segway, foot patrols
  • Car Smart Program
  • Civilian Ride Along Program
  • Courtesy Card – nighttime residential checks
  • Help and referral for juvenile problems and curfew issues
  • Help with problem solving and quality of life issues
  • Home Safety Tips
  • Information about your rights as a victim of a crime
  • Knight Watch – nighttime business checks
  • Mediation for neighborhood problems or concerns
  • Mental Health referrals
  • Off Duty Details Program
  • Vacation house check program while you are away
  • Victim compensation claims
two officers in front of patrol car