Lobbyist Registration

Lobbyist shall mean any person who is employed and receives payment, or who contracts for economic consideration, for the purpose of lobbying on behalf of a principal, and shall include an employee whose principal or most significant responsibilities to the employer is overseeing the employer's various relationships with government or representing the employer in its contacts with government.

Lobbyist shall not include any employee, contract employee or independent contractor of a governmental agency or entity lobbying on behalf of that agency or entity, any elected local official when the official is lobbying on behalf of the governmental agency which the official serves, or any member of the official's staff when such staff member is lobbying on an occasional basis on behalf of the governmental agency by which the staff member is employed; or

-any person who is lobbying on behalf of a government agency or government entity is retained or employed for the purpose of representing an employer, principal or client only during a publicly noticed quasi-judicial hearing or comprehensive plan hearing, provided the person identifies who they representing at the hearing; or

-any expert witness who is retained to provided only scientific, technical or other specialized information provided in agenda materials or testimony only in public hearings, so long as the expert identifies who they are working for at the hearing; or

-any person who lobbies only in his or her individual capacity for the purpose of self representation and without compensation; or

-any employee, contract employee or independent contractor of the Palm Beach County League of Cities, Inc., lobbying on behalf of that entity.

Person and entities shall mean all natural person, firms, associations, joint ventures, partnerships, estates, trusts, business entities, syndicates, fiduciaries, corporations, and all other legally cognizable organizations.

Lobbying shall mean seeking to influence the decision of any City Councilmember, any Advisory Board member, or any Employee with respect to the passage, defeat or modification of any item which may foreseeably be presented for consideration to the Advisory Board or City of Palm Beach Gardens Councilmember as applicable.

*Registration with the City of Palm Beach Gardens DOES NOT relieve any Lobbyist of their obligation to register with Palm Beach County, if such registration is required.