GreenMarket Vendors

Gardens GreenMarket logo with a shopping bag filled with fresh food and flowers
Palm Beach Gardens Summer GreenMarket at STORE Self Storage and Wine Storage

Vendors that are accepted into the Market include:

  • Farmers/Growers: Grower's permit required. Grower produces fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers, plants or herbs. Applicant must own, rent, lease or sharecrop the land* AND practice the agricultural arts, i.e., s/he must grow from seeds, transplants, or cuttings. Grower must be responsible for all production operations.
  • Hot/Cold Prepared Concessions: This category includes all vendors selling hot/cold food products that are prepared fresh at the Market site.
  • Artisan: This category includes all vendors selling specialty food and drink or fresh and pre-packaged items. It also includes vendors selling hand-made crafts that are not produced for commercial re-sale or mass production.
  • Non-Profit Organization:  Tax exempt form required. This category includes any organizations that are considered tax exempt under the 501 section of the Internal Revenue Code and have a charitable purpose. Vendor space shall be limited to three per season as determined by the market management. Any organization wanting to fund-raise at the market will be charged the Artisan rate.

If you fall into one of these categories and are interested in becoming a part of this Palm Beach Gardens tradition, please submit your online application, then email Monette Preston for a copy of the Operations Manual. The Summer Gardens GreenMarket is currently FULL. All new applications will be placed on a wait list. You will be contacted if your application has been accepted for any openings.

Past participation does not guarantee a space in the GreenMarket.

Craftsman/Jewelry Vendors

If you are a jewelry vendor or a new craft vendor who wants to be part of The Gardens GreenMarket tradition, your handmade work must be juried. Craftsman/Jewelry vendors must submit an application prior to jurying. GreenMarket staff will then contact applicants in regards to an assigned jury time. Juries take place at Burns Road Community Center, 4404 Burns Road, PBG, 33410 in September and January.

Please refer to the Operations Manual for more information.

The Summer Gardens GreenMarket Vendors

  1. A-B
  2. C-F
  3. G-K
  4. L-N
  5. O-S
  6. T-Z
  • AK Caribbean Nursery
  • Akamai Accents
  • Amber Farms
  • BioFarm Organic
  • Biscotti Firenze
  • Blue Flame Candles/Blue Sky Soul
  • Bonsai Brothers
  • Bread by Johnny, LLC
  • Brown Family Farm