Adult Tennis Programs

Sharpen skills, meet new friends! If you are just beginning, returning, or progressing in tennis, there is a class for you!

All adult programs take place at the Tennis & Pickleball Center unless otherwise noted and highlighted.

Registration for the next session of instructional tennis programs beginning in January, will open Monday morning, December 11.


Sharpen skills and meet new friends! If you are just beginning, returning, or progressing in tennis, there is a class for you!

  • Location: Tennis & Pickleball Center, 5110 117th Ct N.
  • No classes Feb 17-18, Mar 18-22, or May 20-24

Beginner Tennis

The perfect class for those new to tennis. Instruction will focus on crucial tennis techniques such as grip, and basic stroke development. Each week skills will be revisited, and new skills introduced. 

TueOct 10-Dec 126:00-7:00pm $185/$232/$176332102-2A
WedOct 11-Dec 138:30-9:30am$185/$232/$176332102-2B
SatOct 14-Dec 169:00-10:00am$185/$232/$176332102-2D
TueJan 9-Mar 126:00-7:00pm $205/$257/$195132102-1A
WedJan 10-Mar 138:30-9:30am$205/$257/$195132102-1B
SatMan 13-Mar 169:00-10:00am$185/$232/$176132102-1C
TueMar 26-May 286:00-7:00pm $185/$232/$176132102-2A
WedMar 27-May 298:30-9:30am$185/$232/$176132102-2B
SatMar 30-Jun 19:00-10:00am$205/$257/$195132102-2C

Advanced Beginner Tennis

For players beyond beginner level. Each session will work on fine-tuning basic skills and strokes. Serve and footwork and will be instructed. "Live Ball” rallying between players is introduced.  

  • No classes Feb 17-18, Mar 18-22, or May 20-24
WedOct 11-Dec 139:30-10:30am$185/$232/$176332104-2A
WedJan 10-Mar 139:30-10:30am$205/$257/$195132104-1A
WedMar 27-May 299:30-10:30am$185/$232/$176132104-2A

Intermediate Tennis

If you’ve got the basics down but are looking to take those skills to the next level, this is the class for you. Basics are reviewed briefly in each class. In addition, our instructors will work with you to add elements like speed, power, and accuracy to your game. Additional shots are taught, lob, volley, overhead. Instructors will also discuss gameplay strategies like court positioning, shot location, basic tactics, and live ball point play are incorporated. 

  • No classes Feb 17-18, Mar 18-22, or May 20-24
TueOct 10-Dec 127:00-8:30pm 278/$348/$265332103-2A
WedOct 11-Dec 1310:30-11:30am $185/$232/$176332103-2B
SatOct 14-Dec 1610:00-11:00am $185/$232/$176332103-2C
TueJan 9-Mar 127:00-8:30pm $308/$385/$293132103-1A
WedJan 10-Mar 1310:30-11:30am $205/$257/$195132103-1B
SatJan 13-Mar 1610:00-11:00am $185/$232/$176132103-1C
TueMar 26-May 287:00-8:30pm $273/$342/$260132103-2A
WedMar 27-May 2910:30-11:30am $185/$232/$176132103-2B
SatMar 30-Jun 110:00-11:00am $205/$257/$195132103-2C


Weekday leagues, mixed doubles and tournaments are held for adults at various levels and abilities. For more information, call 561.630.1180 or email Ian Sullivan.


Email to express interest and be added to our participant list. This program is supported by a grant from the USTA Florida Foundation.

Dates and times coming soon.