Facility Rentals

The City of Palm Beach Gardens is now utilizing a more user-friendly, automated system to notify permit holders of facility closures due to weather.  Facility statuses can be viewed at pbgrec.com/weather, powered by Rainoutline.com – if weather closes a facility, it will first be updated on this website.  We recommend permit holders and their groups click here to register for email and/or text alerts so you know immediately when facilities close for the day. Patrons can register to receive alerts for as many or as few facilities as they would like.

Facility Use Policies & Procedures

Rent or request a facility online!

Play in the City!

he City of Palm Beach Gardens strives to offer residents and guests premier facilities that complement the City’s high quality of life. Through our attractive, clean and accessible recreational facilities, the City helps those in the community create memorable experiences that bring people together.  View the Facility Use Policies & Procedures for more information on the different types of permits.

  • Public Assembly: Use of facilities for large events and/or events expected to have a large attendance and/or activities that differ from the purpose of the facility must follow the Public Assembly process.
  • Block Permit: Block permits, regularly-occurring permits over a period of time, are issued for City-organized activities as well as to recognized groups and organizations. 
  • Daily Permit: Single-use permits for pickup style activities for a group of individuals.

Teach in the City!

The City of Palm Beach Gardens is always seeking qualified individuals and organizations to work with to further impact the health and wellbeing of the community.  The three avenues in the City's parks system are:

  • Private Sports Instruction: Help the City’s budding sports stars refine their skills with private training.  
  • Group Fitness/Wellness Instruction: From yoga to functional fitness, the City's parks are a great place to teach a class.  
  • Partnering with the City: We are looking for new instructors to teach programs, workshops, and camps to residents of all ages! As a way of expanding our recreational opportunities and providing high quality community services, we utilize independent contractors to provide recreational services to our community that are designed for tots, youth, adult, seniors, and families. Individuals/organizations who are interested in partnering with PBG Recreation to offer a new program can click here to fill out a quick form to start a conversation!