Fitness & Wellness

The City of Palm Beach Gardens is committed to offering a wide variety of wellness and fitness classes for people of all ages. Classes listed are for ages 18 and up, unless otherwise noted.

Registration is currently unavailable. To see a listing of classes that are typically offered, please see below. 


The City of Palm Beach Gardens Recreation Department is committed to helping the community achieve their fitness goals. We strive to offer classes for individuals of all skill levels by creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere. Whether you like swimming laps, shooting hoops in the gym, or breaking a sweat in one of our fitness classes, we have something for you. If you are tired of a traditional gym and looking for a sense of community, let us help you reach your fitness goals!


Non Residents$45.99/month$25N/A
Non Residents$470/annually$0N/A


All Wellness Memberships will include the following:

  • Unlimited Wellness Classes
  • Tap Dance
  • Full Pickleball Membership
  • Health Yoga
  • Lap Pass
  • Open Basketball/Volleyball
  • Member Only Events
  • Free Admission to The Gardens Trailblazer 5k
  • Tennis Fitness Passes Monthly (1 hour)
  • Free Wellness & Nutrition Classes*
  • Any Future Wellness Offerings

*Some premier events may acquire an additional fee


  • BRCC - Burns Road Community Center 
    4404 Burns Road
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • Lakeside - Lakeside Center
    10410 North Military Trail
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • R/NR FEE - Resident/Non-resident Fee

Aquatics Fitness Classes

Please visit our Aquatics Fitness page for information about all of our aquatics fitness classes.

Karate for Adults

This is a 90-minute class designed to help students develop strong fundamental karate techniques. Self defense and effective karate technique are the main focus of the class with attention given to balance, speed and target awareness.

  • Age: 16+
  • Location: BRCC
  • Instructor: Florida Shotokan Traditional Karate Association
  • No class December 25
M/WOngoing6:30-8pm$72/$88 mo.N/A

Stroller Power Classes

Stroller Power features different cardio and strength training exercises plus a complete abdominal workout in every class. Using resistance tubes, weights and other fitness equipment, moms will burn fat and calories, increase strength and endurance and build friendships with other moms and their children. Moms may bring their children or work out alone! All of the classes below are drop-in classes.

  • Age: 18+
  • Instructor: Cindy Martling

Boot Camp

Join other locals for a 1-hour outdoor Boot Camp at the NEW Gardens North County District Park! Each class combines Cardio, Resistance Training, Sports Drills, Agility & Endurance activities to help you lose weight and get FIT in a FUN, Community Building atmosphere! The hour concludes with balance and coordination exercises followed by light stretching. Please bring sweat towel and water.

  • Location: Gardens District Park, 5101 117th Court North
  • No class December 24
T/Th Ongoing6-7pm$5/$7 Drop-in

Strong Fitness

A barbell workout for all fitness levels looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetitions, STRONG Fitness gives you a total body workout in 30 minutes. Choose your level by choosing your weights. Barbells & a mat will be provided. Please bring water, sweat towel and weightlifting gloves.

  • Location: BRCC
T/ThOngoing9:30-10am$5/$7 per classDrop-in

HIIT it!

A 30-minute high intensity interval training program that uses timed intervals and rest periods to maximize intensity. Each class focuses on different muscle groups and uses body weight resistance as well as hand weights. Please bring a mat and water.

  • Location: BRCC
T/ThOngoing8:45-9:15am$3/$4 per classDrop-in

HIIT it! Strong

After a quick warm up, participants will begin a combination class of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and barbell strength training. HIIT switches back and forth between short intervals of high intensity exercise, followed by short rest or recovery periods for 20 minutes. The next 20 minutes will incorporate light to moderate barbells using high intensity resistance training such as squats, deadlifts and presses. Barbells and mats will be provided. Please bring water, sweat towel and weightlifting gloves.

  • Location:  BRCC
T/ThOngoing12:30-1:30pm$8/$10 per classDrop-in

Intense Intervals™

Intense Intervals™ is a high intensity interval training program that combines intervals of cardio, muscle conditioning, plyometrics, and a punch of mixed martial arts to give you a sweat drenched - calorie burning - 1 hour workout!

  • Location: BRCC
FriOngoing9-10am$5/$7 per classDrop-in

AMP Fitness

Enjoy the outdoors while exercising and re-shaping your body with this 1-hour total body workout. Experience a variety of workouts including stations, high intensity segments, cross fit type drills and strength exercises. Each class includes a warm up, cardio and strength portions and a cool down/stretch for a complete workout within 1 hour. All exercise levels are welcome. Please bring a mat, water, hand weights and a sweat towel to each class.

  • Location: Veterans Plaza at City Hall, 10500 N. Military Trail

Yoga Classes

Gentle Silver Yoga 50+

Gentle Silver Yoga classes are less strenuous than traditional yoga classes. Learn exercises that help maintain flexibility and strength that may prevent falls or fractures. Lung capacity is improved with yoga breathing exercises, and arthritis pain is reduced by gentle stretching. Yoga will increase muscle tone, balance, strength, and improve mood. You may also improve your posture and sleep better! Bring your own yoga mat.

These classes are less intense, so it can be very useful for individuals not capable of fulfilling the demands of other yoga practices, or those who are simply looking for a more relaxed workout.

  • Age: 50 and older
  • Location: Lakeside Center
  • Resident/Non-resident drop-in Fees: $15/$19 per class
  • Instructor: TBD
WedJan 8-Mar 410-11am$108/$135N/A
WedMar 11-May 610-11am$108/$135N/A

Hatha Yoga

This therapeutic yoga improves flexibility and muscle strength. Meditation and relaxation at the end of class improve concentration, reduce stress and will help you feel rejuvenated.

  • Age: 16 and older
  • Location: Lakeside Center
  • Resident/Non-resident drop-in fee: $12/$15 per class
  • Instructor: Joyce Lapsker
MonJan 6-Mar 96-7:15pm$100/$125N/A
MonMar 16-May 116-7:15pm$90/$113N/A

Health Yoga

This class teaches flexibility, strength and gentle stretching with breathing exercises that help with stress and anxiety. Yoga will increase muscle tone, balance, strength, and improve mood. Yoga mat provided or bring your own.

  • Age: 18+
  • Location: Lakeside Center
  • Resident/Non-resident 10-class pass: 1-hour class - $120/$150; 45-minute class -  $80/$100
  • Instructor: TBD
  • No class Dec 24, 26, 31

*This class takes place at Burns Road Community Center.


Zumba is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. While many of the types of dance and music featured in the program are Latin American inspired, classes can also contain everything from jazz to African beats to country to hip-hop and pop.

T/ThOngoing6:15-7:15pm$7/$9 per classDrop-in
FriOngoing5:45-6:45pm$7/$9 per classDrop-in

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an excellent way to improve balance, heart health, and fight stress. This popular class is offered free to the public thanks to Palm Beach Heartstrong. No registration is required; just drop in.

  • Location: Veterans Plaza Amphitheater, 10500 N Military Trail (adjacent to The Gardens GreenMarket)
SunOct 6-May 38-9amFREE

Cancelled Classes

At times, classes are cancelled due to low enrollment. If you are interested in taking a class that has been cancelled, please email the Recreation Department or call 561-630-1100 and put your name on a list to let us know that you are interested in that class. Once we have enough people to hold the class, we will try to restart that class.