Parks and Grounds

The Parks and Grounds unit currently maintains and operates seventeen (17) public parks with a combined area of approximately 312 acres. Within these parks, there are 41 outdoor sports fields with a combined area of 63 acres of Bermuda turf, which are open to the public 24/7, apart from scheduled maintenance and safety closures. Since 2009, the City has increased its inventory of sports turf by 15%. This unit is also responsible for the maintenance of all irrigation systems, parks structures, playgrounds inspection and repairs, flyover maintenance, special events set up and parks restroom janitorial services.


Parks and Grounds staff are responsible for the maintenance of sports fields at 17 different parks, as well as all City-owned common grounds and roadway medians. This Section is separated into two (2) units of operations: 1) Parks and 2) Grounds. The following lists each unit's areas of responsibilities as it relates to turf maintenance only.


  1. Clay field maintenance
  2. Game preparation
  3. Painting/marking field lines
  4. Facility repairs/inspections
  5. Monitoring fields/facilities use
  6. Cleaning restrooms/surfaces


  1. Field turf mowing, edging.
  2. Fertilizing, herbicide application, pesticide application
  3. Weekly repairs - filling in holes and sod repairs
  4. Irrigation system operation/repairs

For pavilion, field, and facility rentals please see the Recreation page.