Junior Programs

Sandhill Crane Golf Club's award winning junior program has established a reputation of excellence, as an ideal facility for any determined young golfer. Our motto, "developing great golfers out of energetic players" reflects the core foundation of our program: positive mental toughness and hard work. Our players range from beginners to advanced skill level, who have developed a passion for golf and a drive to succeed thanks to our instruction and the environment these programs provide.

We offer a range of training and programs to fit your golfer's needs:

  • Elite Training
  • First Tee
  • PBGYAA Golf Recreation Programs
  • PGA Junior League
  • And Much More...

We offer a wide variety of junior programs and encourage you to try them. we've helped build exceptional players, students and individuals through our programs and training philosophy.

We understand that Golf is a difficult sport to get into, given it's high entry costs (clubs, instruction, tournament), which is why we offer amazing programs and amenities to all our players, to allow you the opportunity to participate in this amazing sport.

Whether you are just a beginner or striving for an athletic scholarship, Sandhill Crane Golf Club is your best option in the South Florida area.

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