New Business Information

Please review this list before applying for your new Business Tax Receipt: 

  1. Location
    Before leasing space, call the City of Palm Beach Gardens Planning and Zoning Department (561-799-4222) to determine if the site you have selected for your business is in the appropriate zoning district for your type of business. You are also encouraged to ask them about permits and signage.
  2. Special Licenses 
    Obtain required certification for your profession or business. For example: Professional licenses, restaurant food service licenses, condo and property management licenses from the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations; attorney's bar card from the American Bar Association; contractor certification from the Florida State Construction Industry Licensing Board, etc. Not sure if you need a license? Please visit the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation for guidance, or give us a call at 561-799-4216.
  3. Fictitious Names 
    File for fictitious name registration if the business will be operated under a name that is not a corporation or person's legal name.
  4. Permits 
    A permit and plans are required before any interior or exterior alterations, construction, electrical, or plumbing work is commenced.
  5. Sign Permits 
    Sign permits are required before erecting or changing any signs.

What documents do I need to include with my Business Tax Receipt application?

  1. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    All businesses (except sole proprietorship's with no employees) must register with the Internal Revenue Service - 561-616-2002, for a federal tax identification number.
  2. Corporation/LLC/Partnership filing documents 
  3. If you plan to do business as a corporation, LLC, or partnership, you must first file with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, (850) 245-6051. A printout of the online records or copies of the business entity's filing documents must be included.
  4. Fictitious Name Registration 
    If you plan to do business under a name that is neither 1) your full name nor 2) the name of your corporation, you must register the name with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, (850) 245-6058.
  5. State or County License/Registration/Certification
    If the type of business is regulated by a state or county agency, you must include documentation indicating compliance.
  6. Property Management/Owner Contact Information and Tenant List with Square Footage
    Many times Planning & Zoning need to speak with the property manager/owner of a site to gather more information about the space. Submitting contact information and a current tenant list upon submittal will greatly assist them during the review process; if the information is not readily available at the time of submittal the application will be placed on hold until it has been supplied.

These agencies may include:

  1. Department of Business and Professional Regulation (850) 487-1395. Most professions, restaurants, condos, property management, etc.
  2. Palm Beach County Contractors Certification Division (561) 233-5525. Contractors without state certification.
  3. Palm Beach County Health Department (561) 840-4500. Child care facilities.
  4. Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (800) 435-7352. Food outlets, auto repair, travel agencies, telemarketers, health/dance studios.
  5. Florida Department of Health (850) 488-0595. Health care professionals, doctors, therapists.
  6. Florida Office of Financial Regulation. Banks, finance companies, securities brokers.