Elite Training

Elite Program1

"Through training, skill based competitions, life skill development, and a fun positive atmosphere, we develop great golfers and great people."

Mission Statement

The Elite Training program is a one-of-a-kind holistic training program that approaches the physical, mental and character aspect of golf with great rigor, drive, and purpose. Junior golfers of any age and skill level are encouraged to join the program. Here they learn to be a better golfer, student and leader.

Our program teaches the finesse of putting, chipping and pitching, the brilliance of a consistent  full-swing, and a strong focus on physical well being and preparedness through our various drills and exercises. We emphasize strong mental toughness and character through our various lessons and core focus, and we develop life skills through comraderie and teamwork, and track a players progress to insure proper development on and off the course.

Pla Academy Elite's aims to be a well rounded approach to teaching and development that builds great golfers and great people for tomorrow.


Elite training begins Monday, September 3rd. Each week there are 4 practice days, with two training sessions each day. Training Sessions run Monday-Thursday.

Session Times
Date of the WeekMonth offered
3:30-5:00 pm | 5:00-6:30 pmMonday - ThursdaySeptember 3 - May 31


RegimentRateDescriptionAge Group
Beginner Regiment
2 Training Days
Recommended Age: 5-10
Intermediate Regiment
2 Training Days and 2 lessons
Recommended Age: 11-14
Advanced Regiment
Unlimited Training Days and 1 Lesson
Recommended Age: 15-18