Private Lessons - JUNIORS

Junior Golf LessonThe lessons structure for Junior Golfers has a few options to best fit the program to your golfers needs. Each new student will begin with a consultation lesson. Our Professionals will evaluate your play-style to determine the right plan of action for your lessons going forward. Once your lesson plan is formed, you will have access to our training facilities that will allow you to practice like a Pro.

Individual Lessons

One-on-One Lesson
30 Minute - Private Instruction$75
60 Minute - Private Instruction$125

Lesson Package

Four Session Game Changer: $425
Session OneEvaluation, video analysis with short game training; Devise an improvement plan for your game.
Session TwoApproach shot and full-swing improvement.
Session ThreeReview and improvement; short-game and approach shot focus with full-swing work.
Session FourPlaying lesson and course management; punch shot and uneven lie overview.

Specialty Training

Playing Lesson: $125
Join one of our PGA Professionals on the course as they take you through in-depth match analysis. Every shot, and every swing will be worked on in this training lesson. The focus will be on scoring, uneven lies, course management, and club selection. 

Training Center Lesson: $125
Train with our PGA Professionals in the Sandhill Crane GC Learning Center. Utilize equipment from Swing Catalyst, Trackman, SAM Puttlab, and K-Vest.