Fire Lane Requirements (16)

Code Reference and Corrective Action required as follows:

  • Per the Florida Fire Prevention Code 6th Edition, NFPA 1 - 2015 Edition, paragraph Marking of Fire Apparatus Access Road the following requirements apply:
    • Paragraph, where required by the AHJ, approved signs or other approved notices SHALL be provided and maintained to identify Fire Department access roads or to prohibit the obstruction thereof or both.
    • Paragraph, a marked Fire Apparatus Road SHALL also be known as a Fire Lane.
    • Paragraph, Fire Lanes SHALL be marked with signs that are readily visible to the street with the wording “NO PARKING FIRE LANE”, such signs SHALL be 12" by 18" with a White background and RED letters and SHALL be on a fixed post at a maximum of seven feet in height from the roadway to the bottom part of the sign. The signs SHALL be within sight of the traffic flow and be a maximum of 60 feet apart.
  • Per the 2009 edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the minimum height to the bottom of the sign from the roadway shall be five feet (5’-0”).
  • Per the AHJ, a Fire Lane painted in the color of traffic yellow SHALL extend from the curb out a minimum of 24" and SHALL have the words “NO PARKING FIRE LANE" a minimum of 6" in height, in the color of traffic yellow, thermoplastic, and repeated every 25 feet. 

No Parking Fire Lane with signage.

Per the AHJ, any parking space that is required to become a Fire Lane SHALL have diagonal stripes the color of traffic yellow at a minimum 4” in height, maximum spacing 36”, and the words "No Parking Fire Lane" at a minimum 16” in height located at the front half of the space. The painted lines shall be thermoplastic.

Parking spce. No Parking Fire Lane.