Swim Lesson Schedule

Registration for swim lessons is now available! Session 1 of lessons begins Monday, June 21, and Session 2 begins July 12.

Pre-School Lessons/Parent & Tot

Learn to Swim Levels


Private Lessons

Swim Lesson instructor with child in pool.

Swim Lesson Levels - Where do I place my swimmer?

The prerequisite for each class level is the successful completion of the preceding class level skills. If you are not sure which level is correct for your swimmer, please call 630-1126 to schedule a skills evaluation.

Class Policies and Procedures:

  • Participants must have previous level certificate or be able to demonstrate required skills on the first class meeting.
  • Participant will not be permitted to participate in a class beyond their skill level regardless of registration. Participants will only be transferred to the appropriate class if space is available.
  • Please keep in mind the possibility of student progression when signing up for multiple sessions.
  • Parents are required to stay within the Aquatic Complex during their swimmer’s lesson.
  • To prevent distraction, parents should refrain from interacting with their child during the lesson. 
  • Classes may be cancelled, combined and/or changed at management’s discretion.
  • Classes may be held in a classroom due to inclement weather. In the event a class is cancelled by management, five minutes will be added on to the remaining lessons for that session. This will only be done for one cancelled lesson.
  • Please plan your schedule carefully. There are no make-up lessons or credits for missed classes.


Parent and Tot - Ages 6 months to 3 years 

  • Objectives: This class is designed to develop the child’s level of comfort in and around the water and is not intended to be a “learn to swim” program.
  • Parents will be provided with techniques to orient their child to the water.  A parent or guardian is required to be in the water with the child at all times.

Level 1P - Ages 3-5 years
Level 1  - Ages 6-12 years 

  • Orients children to the aquatic environment and teaches them basic aquatic skills. Must be able to leave parent willingly, follow directions, and behave appropriately in a class setting. 
  • Objectives: Blowing bubbles; submerging mouth, nose and eyes; opening eyes under water and retrieving objects. Front and back floats with assistance.

Level 2P - Ages 3-5 years
Level 2 - Ages 6-12 years 

  • Objectives: Float on front and back independently. Submerging, holding breath, bobbing and retrieving objects. Alternating arm and leg actions on front and back.

Level 3P - Ages 3-5 years
Level 3 - Ages 6-12 years 

  • Objectives: Front crawl and elementary backstroke. Rotary breathing, flutter, scissors, dolphin and breaststroke kicks. Build on fundamentals of treading water.

Level 4 - Ages 6-12 years 

  • Objectives: Swimming front crawl and elementary backstroke for greater distances. Build upon scissors kick and dolphin kick; adding arms for butterfly. Backstroke and breaststroke are introduced.

Little Makos - Ages 4-5 years
Junior Makos - Ages 6-12 years

  • Objectives: Front crawl, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and elementary backstroke. Flip turns for front and back are introduced.