Are there any Insurance Discounts for residents of the City?
The Insurance Services Office, Inc., (ISO) evaluated the City of Palm Beach Gardens Building Department. The ISO is an independent statistical, rating and advisory organization that serves the property / casualty insurance industries. Their evaluations grade a building departments’ effectiveness as to building construction regulation.

With an evaluation period every 5 years, the city has an opportunity to continually improve its score, which is shown on a range from 1 to 10 (1 being exemplary). The lower the rating range, the lower the insurance costs can be for residents and business owners with participating insurance companies.

The ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification Report provided the city with a rating of 3 for this evaluation period, a rating considered to be in the highest rating category. This advisory material is relayed to insurance companies that subscribe to the ISO rating information.

According to the ISO, a listing of subscribing insurers is proprietary, therefore residents and business owners should contact their insurance carrier directly to see if they subscribe and, if so, do they provide any type of discount based on the rating.

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1. Are there any Insurance Discounts for residents of the City?