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Block Permit Application

  1. Block Permit Application Form

    This form may be completed by individuals and groups during the following windows: PBGYAA - 90 days, Historical Organizations - 60 days, Recognized Users - 45 days, Anyone - 30 days

  2. Palm Beach Gardens
  3. Important Links

    Please carefully review the Policies and Procedures and each link below.

  4. I have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by the City's Facility Policies & Procedures. Further, I will take responsibility for ensuring that all other members of my organization in leadership positions (coaches, board members, etc.) are fully aware of these Policies & Procedures.*
  5. Organization Information
  6. Applicant Information

    The applicant must be in a position within the organization that allows him/her to sign contracts on behalf of the organization.

  7. Program Information
  8. Season Information

    All details are subject to City approval and allocation of facility space.  Planning of season start and end dates, practice space, etc. should not begin until the City approves the application and detailed facility allocation is provided to the organization.

  9. I understand that, should this application be approved, I must send detailed facility use schedules to the City within 7 days of any request.*
  10. I understand that, should this application be approved, I must supply complete rosters, including full names and addresses, for all program participants to the City within 7 days of any request.*
  11. Requested days of the week*
  12. Does the program wish to have access to a concession stand during the season?*
  13. If yes, I understand that concession stands are City property. Should the City need access to a concession stand for an event, maintenance, or other reason the program may be required to clear equipment or product for a period of time.
  14. If yes, I understand that the program's concession operation must fully comply with any applicable Codes. The City has the right to shut down any concession operation for not following Code or otherwise not keeping areas clean and organized.
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