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Group Fitness/Wellness Instructor Session Request

  1. Group Instructor Session Request

    This form may be completed by individuals and/or organizations who currently hold a Group Fitness Instructor License. 

  2. Palm Beach Gardens
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    Please carefully review the Policies and Procedures and each link below.

  4. I have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by the City's Facility Policies & Procedures. Further, I will take responsibility for ensuring that all other members of my organization in leadership positions (coaches, board members, etc.) are fully aware of these Policies & Procedures.*
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  9. I understand that City staff must review this request and will work with myself/my organization on the class location and timeframe. Further, I understand that I may not use any City facility without a permit for that facility. Planning and/or advertising classes should not begin until permits have been issued.*
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