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Public Assembly/Event Permit Application

  1. Public Assembly/Event Permit Application
  2. Palm Beach Gardens
  3. This application is for the use of city property. Submission of the application does not constitute any approvals for the event. It identifies the minimum documents and information required to initiate a review of the application. Since this is a preliminary application, the event planner should expect requests for additional information. The event planner is cautioned to follow the instructions carefully and to complete the application fully. If an answer to any question is unknown at the time of application, state “unknown” as the response. Indicate “NA” in any section that does not apply to the event. It is highly recommended that the event planner and/or organization read and understand in its entirety the Public Facility Use Manual. Approved permits will be based upon the event planner meeting the criteria as outlined in that manual. Event Planners are encouraged to email prior to submitting an application so that a staff member can answer preliminary questions and assist with the process.
  4. Organization and Event Planner Information
  5. This person must have authority to sign on behalf of the organization.

  6. Event Overview
  7. I have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by the City's Facility Policies & Procedures. Further, I will take responsibility for ensuring that all other members of my organization are fully aware of these Policies & Procedures.*
  8. Please be as specific as possible.

  9. Will the event participants be adults or children?*
  10. Open to the Public?*
  11. Is admission being charged to spectators/event attendees?*
  12. City Property Requested*
  13. Has this event been held before?*
  14. Event Details
  15. Will there be food service at the event?*
  16. If yes, will it be sold or complimentary?
  17. Is the ability to serve alcohol being requested?*
  18. If yes, will it be sold or complimentary?
  19. Will there be amplified sound, music, and/or announcements at the event?*
  20. Is the event requesting any vendors to be on site?*
  21. If the event wishes to have vendors but has not selected specific vendors, please list the type of vendors, number of each type of vendor, and include on the site map where the event wishes the vendors to be set up as well as the size of the setup.  Vendors are subject to approval and may be required to provide insurance to the City.

  22. Is off-site parking anticipated for this event?*
  23. Does/Is the event...
  24. Require electric?*
  25. Require access to water?*
  26. Wish to put up on-site signage?*

    Sign maps required before approval.

  27. Wish to put up signage outside of the requested facility?*

    Sign maps required before approval.

  28. Requesting Police services for the event?*

    Depending on the scope of the event, these services may be required by the City.

  29. Requesting Fire Rescue services for the event?*

    Depending on the scope of the event, these services may be required by the City.

  30. Acknowledgements
  31. I have completed this application to the best of my knowledge with factual and truthful information.*
  32. I understand that this application is not an approval and that I will not advertise the event in any manner until such approval is given.*
  33. I understand that I will have to comply wit hall prescribed steps/actions deemed necessary by the City as outlined during the planning process.*
  34. I understand that fees will be assessed by the City as outlined in the City Council approved Fees and Charges document, of which some of those fees will not be refundable.*
  35. I understand that the City might require insurance coverages, indemnification statements, waivers, or other documents as required by the City's Risk Management or Legal Departments.*
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