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Small Business Relief Fund Application

  1. Small Business Relief Fund

  2. * Home-based businesses do not meet eligibility requirements for this program.


    Please, review these questions to determine eligibility for Program Funds: (If you answer "no" to any of the questions 1 through 8, the business is not eligible.)

  4. 1. Is your business an independent restaurant, bar, retail, or personal services business that employed 25 people or less on February 29, 2020 that has been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 virus?*

  5. 2. Is your business located within the municipal boundaries of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?*

  6. 3. Has your business been operating for at least 18 months in Palm Beach Gardens (as defined by the business formation date from the Florida Division of Corporations)?*

  7. 4. Can your business demonstrate working capital for business operations as of February 29, 2020? (as demonstrated by #3 in Required Attachments)?*

  8. 5. Is your Business registered with the City of Palm Beach Gardens Business Tax Division?*

  9. 6. Is your business either (i) in operation (ii) in limited-operation and expected to be fully operational once the state of emergency guidelines are rolled back?*

  10. 7. Is business considered a Local, Independent Business, as defined by the following criteria:*

    * Business must be registered in the State of Florida, with the majority of the business’ ownership being either held by private individuals or a privately held company (i.e., not publicly traded). * Business must make independent decisions regarding its name signage, brand, appearance, purchasing, practices, hiring, and distribution, and must be solely responsible for paying its own rent, marketing, and other business expenses without assistance from a corporate headquarters outside of Palm Beach Gardens. * Business must have no more than one franchise or outlet.

  11. 8. Does your business have 25 employees or fewer (FTE and PTE)?*


    Please review these questions to determine eligibility for funding under this program. (If you answer “yes” to any of the questions 9 through 10, the Business is disqualified from participation in the program):

  13. 9. Have you received any CARES monies from the SBA including Payroll Protection Plan?*

  14. 10. Does the Business have any current unpaid special assessment liens against it?*


    The following items must be attached to this application as a single document file:

  16. THERE IS A 20MB FILE SIZE LIMIT FOR UPLOADS. Please combine required documentation into a single file. Click the 'BROWSE' button to access your computer's files and upload here.


    If you experience technical issues with submitting this form, contact City staff at 799-4152.


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