• Standing gold shovels with hard hats above them in front of a tractor
  • Sport themed decorated cookies and cupcakes.
  • Council members unveiling the plaque
  • A plaque on an easel next to a tractor with dirt and shovels
  • Joe Russo at a podium under a tent addressing the crowd
  • Joe Russo addressing the crowd from a podium
  • Joe Russo standing at a podium, smiling and holding a picture frame
  • A crowd of people standing and clapping
  • A picture of Joseph R. Russo wearing a Russo baseball cap
  • City Council Members wearing caps and holding hard hats in front of a tracto
  • Council members and others involved in the project shoveling dirt
  • Eric Jablin and Joe Russo wearing hard hats and smiling
  • Joe Russo wearing a hard hat and standing in front of a tractor
  • A sign displaying

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