Susan Clement

Riverside Youth Enrichment
Title: VPK, Fours Teacher
Phone: 561-630-1130

Susan Clement (Ms. Susan) Four's Teacher

I feel that education is a lifelong process and the building blocks of learning are developed in the early stages of life. The first place those building blocks of learning are established is in Early Childhood Education where it provides the academic, social, and emotional basics for all children. I feel that all children deserve to have the highest quality education that can be provided to them and as an early childhood educator, I have one of the most important jobs that exist because I prepare children for the world of learning.

As an Early Childhood educator, I should have great patience and the ability to adapt quickly to any situation. As a teacher, I will have effective classroom management skills and structure and implement those skills every day in my classroom. As an Early Childhood educator, I am knowledgeable and conscious of how children develop. Therefore, an important part of a good education is that I create developmentally appropriate lessons that utilize the state standards. I also believe that lessons need to be child-centered and relate to real life in order to be useful for the children. 

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